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      US and our home                                                    Bob , Susan , Anthony, And Eric -1995



            These are photos of some of the pets that we have.


                                Some neat HAM RADIO links
                       Wyoming Cowboy Net Roster      Preamble   pdf                                              
                      Wyoming  Pony Express net Roster    Preamble  pdf
                      Colorado Columbine Net   Roster   pdf                                                     
        QRZ.com    Virtual QSL NET    Ham Gallery   FRS & GMRS Freqs.
        Coax Calculator     Jackalope net     WM7D home page     HAM Page
          GO HERE for a nice HF mobile installation tutorial from the ARRL
             A POWER POINT viewer is required, available from the microsoft website

is a good artical on the effects of overmodulation compiled by
                  Garry VanCleve K7CCD
                       Proper microphone techniques  by Bob Heil K9EID
Some Wyoming Amateur Radio Clubs
Cedar Mountain A.R.C .   Tri County A.R.C.     Casper A.R.C  
    Wyoming Races             Other WY. clubs    
                Some ARC`s outside Wyoming

Beartooth ARC
                   Other sites I have found or stumbled through

      U.S. DOT`s     Search for ET     The Cosmos    Your Sky   Heavens Above

              Meyer  Genealogy     Wyoming Cares

Urban Legends - Urban Legend Archive: A growing collection of thousands of urban
                           legends also known as urban myths or stories.     


Click for Casper, Wyoming Forecast

          Click for Casper, Wyoming Forecast

This is my first attempt at producing a web page.
The programs I am using are Netscape, and/or front page express..

Any assistance or advice would be appreciated. Address all comments to  ema

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